Custom framing: How can a professional framer assist you?

The idea of having artwork expertly framed sometimes causes a sense of intimidation among artists. Thoughts run from 'Custom framing is very costly!" to "Why hire someone when I can do it on my own?" If you are competent enough, you are free to do it; however, if you are unsure, teaming with a professional framer is an ideal move towards enhancing and safeguarding your piece of art. This article explores some of the advantages you stand to benefit from by teaming with an expert framer.

Custom options

The services of a framer far exceed the aspect of just creating custom framing for your artwork. Besides guiding you through the design process, they can also bring to your attention aspects like the variations between rag mats and economy paper mats; the unique benefits of unbuffered rag mats and buffered rag mats; the advantages and disadvantages of glass in contrast to acrylic glazing, as well as the advantages of different mounting techniques for your medium. For a professional framer, having discussions about the aforementioned aspects is not meant to push for a higher-priced transaction but about identifying the ideal materials for the artwork being framed at a cost that is affordable to the client.

A selection of several thousand custom frames and mat samples may be quite overwhelming; however a professional framer will offer you two or three varying approaches to display your art in a manner that preserves the pride of the medium, whether acrylic, oil, pastel, water colour or something else. Your framer will explain why the chosen colours, frames and spacers work best with your artwork and help attract attention to the art itself.

Custom care

From your perspective, teaming with a custom framer goes beyond the aspect of convenience; it provides the platform to learn plenty about how to care for your piece of art. Expert framers undergo specific training in the care and protection of artwork, and a competent framer will always speak to you regarding the protection of your art and recommend reversible techniques of installing as well as neutral materials for storage or framing. In case you decide not to adopt the suggested protection materials and techniques, the framer may request you to append your signature on a release to exempt them from any liabilities resulting from the damage that may happen over time. Bear in mind, that as a customer, the final decision rests with you, even though your framer has vast knowledge about the proper ways to display and protect pieces of artwork.