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Unleash the power of video on your Puerto Vallarta business through VideoDiva's Closed Circuit TV or In-House video promotions. VideoDiva offers you the opportunity to give your potential customers important information about your business or service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on closed circuit TV. Plus, they can watch your video presentation in the comfort of their hotel room or on a television screen displayed in your place of business.

The programming is up to you. Help create and develop your own television program. You can feature documentaries, fashion, beauty, food, real estate, etc., and Video Diva Productions will guide you through the process.

Currently, the program, Everything Vallarta, is produced to give tourists information about Puerto Vallarta in an entertaining format. The show has versions in English and Spanish and will start being shown in area hotels this year. The closed circuit television package includes: equipment, installation and maintenance. Plus Video Diva Productions will install it for you.

Within your business a television with DVD player is all you need to run your program continuously. Plus you can sell DVDs of your program, or demonstrations of your services to residents or tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta.

Sponsored Video Features on will get you noticed. This popular Puerto Vallarta website receives over 7000 visitors per day, and offers a little of everything. Video segments can be changed weekly, biweekly or monthly, plus you receive a free WEBmercial when you sign up as a section sponsor.

Video Brochures have a highly perceived value, so they are rarely tossed out like junk mail or pamphlets. People also tend to keep them and pass them along to their friends. Most people will watch out of curiosity. These are widely used as marketing tools around the globe, and are available on CD-ROM, DVD, Memory Chip keychains or for online use.

Written Promotional & Marketing Materials give you the attention you deserve in Puerto Vallarta and around the world. Video Diva Productions can write English text for all of your printed promotional materials. This could include, magazine and newspaper articles, press releases and websites. With over 12 years of media writing experience, VideoDiva can get your point across in a clear and concise manner. Ask about our new Multimedia Press Kits!
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